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Our Story

We are advocates for your learners.

We are curators.

We are creators.

We are learning experience designers.

We are Darn Clever.

Whenever we submit something for review, whether it’s a design brief, prototype, or complete course for review or testing, the highest compliment we can receive (the one we strive for), is “That’s clever.”

So we decided to put clever in our name – and take it up a notch by striving for darn clever.


Steve Blane

Founder, Darn Clever

Steve Blane
Director, Creative

Steve’s an award winning learning experience designer (actually he liked winning awards so much, he’s now won four). His speciality is creating clever designs to respond to challenging situations, usually in professional and engaging online courses (that you’d actually want to take).

Andy Foley
Director, Client Services

Spending over a decade at the heart of the workplace learning industry, Andy has provided confidence and trust with clients and fellow learning professionals through her knowledge and experience in working with all types of industries to develop innovative learning solutions that provide measurable outcomes and drive business goals.

Mathew Burns
Director, Client Experience

Mathew is a senior learning advisor who is a recovering marketer. His focus for over 20 years in financial services was customer experience. He brings his Cx and marketing expertise to Darn Clever projects, adding a new lens to typical learning interventions.

Karen Trinh
Director, Emerging Technology

Karen is also an award-winning learning experience designer – winning three awards in 2019. With her background in neuroscience and a multidisciplinary approach to design, she has created learning experiences that are modern, sticky, and compelling for some of Canada’s top organizations.

Jeremy Thompson
Director, Video Production

Jeremy is a video industry veteran. He’s worked as a director of photography, editor, and illustrator for some of Canada’s top communication production houses. He brings his skills and attention to detail to each engagement for us.

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