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We help you create clever responses to your unique performance challenges.


Clever strategy.

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Digital Transformation
Future proofing your team

When you know you need to make the leap from classroom training to digital learning but aren’t sure the right approach, we can help. We’ll help you determine the approach to take, the tools to use, and (most importantly) the people to make it all happen.

Learning Campaigns
Leveraging marketing techniques to change behaviour

When a course isn’t enough, we put our marketing experience and know how in action to create a compelling campaign that motivates your people to learn, change, and improve performance.

Straight Up Consulting
Using our knowledge to your advantage

When you need someone you can trust to give you the straight goods on what’s going wrong and what needs to be done. We can help with needs assessments, coaching or even running workshops to upskill your people. We love sharing our knowledge.


Clever execution.

Three minutes or less learning

When people need help in the moment, we create (or curate) the right mix of stunning videos, courses, articles, apps, and chatbots to provide performance support that fits between diapers and dinner.

Twenty minutes or less learning

When people have a little more time to dedicate to learning a new task or information, we build interactive and engaging courses that fit within the time it takes to watch a sitcom.

Hours to days long learning

When people are dedicated to learning new concepts or principles over the course of multiple hours or days, we build curricula that blend multiple delivery channels to create a clever solution that works.

Contact Us

Do you have a challenge that could use a (darn) clever solution? We’d love to chat to see how we might be able to help. 

Phone: (416) 907 5650 or (800) 396 1624

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