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The Darn Clever design process is quite simple. It’s accelerated and interative. And it’s collaborative, as we believe the best design comes from working in partnership with our clients (unless you just want us to take the design away, which we’re cool with too).



We kick off each project with an onboarding session with our key contact to dive a little deeper into technical requirements, learn more about the challenges of the organization all to prepare us for the next stage.

Design scrum

As part of our accelerated, collaborative design approach we bring together all people who have a stake in the project – ideally this includes some typical learners.
In the half-day to full-day session, we brainstorm/confirm project objectives, typical learner profiles, themes and overall approach. If learners are included, we get their input to make sure it is something that appeals to them.
With those items confirmed, we’ll dive into the design of the course. What goes where, how to learn it, how to apply it and how we’ll know we’re successful. We’ll also work on a visual prototype, so everyone starts to get a visual depiction of how the module looks.
We’ll leave with an agreed upon design for the module. If any stakeholders are not available for the full session, we recommend scheduling them for the end so we can run them through the design with them and get their feedback so that we can proceed to the next phase.

Initial build

We take the approved design and start building, not just storyboards but the actual course. We build all the interactions, insert scratch audio for narration and create the interactions. All this is to get your reviewers reviewing a built module as quickly as possible (not words in a document).
We’ll walk you through the course and give you time to review and provide feedback. Then we’ll make updates and give you another opportunity to make content changes.

Alpha build

Once the initial build is approved, we’ll get cracking adding the professional polish, narration, and video. At the end of this phase, the course is built. Changes should be minimal and focused on-screen text (versus narration).

Beta/UAT build

We take any edits you have from the alpha build and create the beta build. We’ll support you as you test on your LMS and in a typical learner environment.


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